On this, the Eve of Hallow's, we're heading to the graveyard with shovels in hand. We bring along a Walkman and Quentin's CD copy of "We Dig With Finger's Crossed" to help set the ambiance for the evening. One of The Undoing of David Wright's only full-length albums, this little known gem from 2005 tells the story of William Burke & William Hare, the infamous 19th century grave robbers of Edinburgh, Scotland. The UoDW was an extremely short-lived post-modern electro-punk band hailing from Denton, Texas circa early 2000s. While attending college at The University of North Texas, these guys made a name for themselves for their Rocky Horror Picture Show-esque vibes, often donning makeup and wearing clothes fashioned out of trash bags.

Episode Tracklist:

  1. We Dig With Fingers Crossed
  2. Cold Meals & Warm Whiskeys
  3. Slap Dash Street Trash
  4. By The Sign Of The Disceaux

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