On this week's episode, we dig deep into the No Filler archives and revisit our episode on Brazilian electronic musician Amon Tobin's debut record Bricolage. Unlike most trip hop albums from the nineties, Tobin perfectly blends old jazz samples with a drum and bass backbone, and an IDM sensibility. Dark, moody, and effortlessly cool, this record stands out as a true gem in the field of trip hop.


  1. Amon Tobin - "Bitter & Twistd"
  2. Quantic - "Time Is The Enemy"
  3. DJ Cam - "No Competition"
  4. Amon Tobin - "Easy Muffin"
  5. Amon Tobin - "Yasawas"
  6. Amon Tobin - "Defocus"
  7. Bebel Gilberto - "Samba da Benção"

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