On this week's episode, we open up the No Filler vault with a playback of our 3rd episode, a look at Tycho's second studio album Dive. The perfect blend of IDM, chillwave, and downtempo, Scott Hansen creates a lush and sun-dappled soundscape on this record that perfectly matches the imagery he creates under his graphic design moniker ISO50. Also featured on this episode is our very first discussion of the hypnagogic pop, and how Tycho, better than most artists who attempt it, explores cultural memory and nostalgia through is work.


  1. Tycho - Dive
  2. Mr. Twin Sister - Lady Daydream
  3. Clientele - Everything You See Tonight Is Different From Itself
  4. Tycho - Hours
  5. Tycho - Adrift
  6. Little Dragon - Feathers

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