On this week's Sidetrack we're listening to one of Billy Corgan's favorite bands, Spiritualized, with a couple non-singles from their '92 debut Lazer Guided Melodies. Another example of just how varied the landscape of nineties rock was shaping up to be, LGM is at times quite minimalist and cinematic, and other times much more progressive and heavy, with a solid shoegaze backbone. The album's twelve songs are segued together into four color-coded, cross-faded suites, each one providing their own unique 15-minute dream-pop experience.

  1. Spiritualized - Step Into The Breeze
  2. Spiritualized - If I Were With Her Now
  3. Spiritualized - Angel Sigh
  4. Biosphere - Lounge
  5. Falcons of Fine Dining - Wash Your Hands
  6. Spiritualized - Run

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