Astrid Young comes from a long line of creative people. Her father is legendary writer, journalist, & author Scott Young. And her brother is...well her brother is Neil Young. Those are some tough acts to follow. Astrid talks about growing up and getting into music in her own way. She describes what it was like when Neil asked her to sing on Harvest Moon. There are some great stories about the Unplugged show and Road Rock. She’s also done some cool work with Nancy Wilson, Heart, and her own solo work, which is clearly different from her brother’s music. She’s played metal, desert rock, folk, and some wild alternative music. And she wrote and starred in a movie and wrote a biography (which she is considering expanding on, with the help of her brothers). Her latest album features Victor DeLorenzo on drums and the Integratron. Definitely look into the album and the structure. Give her a follow on IG @wandaplez to keep up with what she’s up to. Follow us @PerformanceAnx. Rate & review us because it helps get us in front of people. We accept coffee at Merch is at Now buckle up because there’s a lot going on on this one with Astrid Young on performance Anxiety on the Pantheon Podcast Network.