Benjamin Wright joins us on Performance Anxiety. And I’m going to stay in touch with him because in addition to being a musician, he’s a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. He’s releasing his second album with his sister Amanda, under the band name Benjamin Jayne. Benjamin lives in Vermont but Amanda lives in Barcelona. Spain. Not New York. So the pandemic rally didn’t change how they wrote music. In fact, their first album was really just an exercise in staying in touch. The new album is a step forward in every respect. Benjamin explains how his music is really something he has to do, not something he wants to do. And being in psychiatry, he knows how important creative outlets are. Give them a follow on social media. All their links are on their website and you can order their album there as well. Follow us @PerformanceAnx. Rate & review the shows! We accept coffee at Merch is at And you know, sometimes a podcast is just a podcast. But not this time. Enjoy Benjamin Wright of Benjamin Jayne on Performance Anxiety, part of the Pantheon Podcast Network.