This show is a first for the podcast. DYLYN is the first guest I’ve had that I saw live before having on the podcast. She opened for Mother Mother and I was so impressed that when the opportunity arose, I reached out and scheduled this. And I’m so glad I did. DYLYN is an old soul. We chatted about classic rock before we get down to the business of actually talking about HER music! Even though rock was what she grew up on, she began her career as a pop act, complete with background dancers. 

But after a serious bout of burn out, she took some time off to go back to school. That’s when one of her dance tracks started getting traction.

She took the opportunity to pivot to the music she really wanted to write. She met up with Ryan Guldemond from Mother Mother to write some music and clicked immediately. She talks about horror movie influences, playing the same encore twice in one show, performing at a fan’s prom, and changing her name as she changed her sound.

She’s a fan of classic rock, classic Star Trek, and was once in a band called Robert’s Plant. So follow her @callmedylyn on social media. Get the new EP that’s out the same day as this podcast drops! Follow us @PerformanceAnx on social media. Treat us to coffee at Buy stuff with our logo. It was made by Soundgarden’s artist for Badmotorfinger! And check out the other shows on Pantheon Podcast Network. Rate & review us all! And without further ado, DYLYN on Performance Anxiety