Lizzie Edwards of Lizzie and The Makers is my guest. And we were having a really fun talk when we were interrupted by an uninvited guest. We were talking about music literally being in her DNA, how she had created and booked a blues festival, featuring her band, when everyone but Lizzie decided to quit two weeks before the show. That led to meeting Greg McMullen and the formation of Lizzie and The Makers. They’ve been going strong for ten years now and have a new album coming out in September. Lizzie describes it as a love letter to David Lynch. I don’t know about you guys, but that’s enough for me to be interested. There’s a lot of great stories here, like playing in a cover band with a bunch of lawyers and her dad, getting Reeves Gabrels involved in the new album, and having Tik Tok performance anxiety. Follow the band @lizzieandthemakers on social media. Order the new album at Follow us @PerformanceAnx on social media. Merch is available at We happily accept a cup of coffee at So buckle up and pay attention, because this one comes full circle. Here’s Lizzie Edwards of Lizzie and The Makers on Performance Anxiety, on the Pantheon Podcast Network.