Erik Golts and Dave Fulton of the band Møtrik are my guests. Møtrik is on the front lines of a krautrock revival. The band’s origin can be traced back to a drunken conversation about the genre. And it’s really funny to listen as the memories come flooding back to Dave and Erik as we go through the band’s history.

They give me a really good lesson on krautrock and what drew them to it in the first place. Møtrik has also gone through a few changes; like starting off as an instrumental band and then adding lyrics as they grew. They tell me how they one up Kraftwerk and how a conversation with artist Jonas Hartley about fog machines led to a unifox. At one point, my dog interrupts us and I make Erik feel bad about photographing an album cover. Follow Møtrik @motrikband on Instagram. Order the new album, Moon from bandcamp or their label, Jealous Butcher. Follow us @PerformanceAnx on all the socials. You can support the show at or buy merch at So hop on the space train and check out Erik Golts and Dave Fulton of Møtrik on Performance Anxiety, part of the Pantheon Podcast Network.