On this episode of Side Projects, I am joined by Alexander Hacke and Danielle de Picciotto of hackedepicciotto and Ellen Southern and Tom Bush from Dead Space Chamber Music to talk about Musique Concrète. We discuss what it is and how each of them discovered the genre and how it has influenced the music they make. They’ve each used some strange instruments to create their own Musique Concrète, including a jet turbine and a serrated knife on a stone. It really is amazing how repurposing objects to make Musique Concrète can actually give them a new life. And sometimes Musique Concrète is created by accident, like when a flute has the wrong mouthpiece. And other times, repairing an instrument can actually ruin the qualities that you want for Musique Concrète. Recording the music can be part of the process of creating the desired sound. But you have to be ready because sometimes you only get one take. Follow hackedepicciotto on the socials @hackedepicciotto. Follow Dead Space Chamber Music @deadspacechambermusic. Pick up The Silver Threshold & The Black Hours on Bandcamp. Follow us @PerformanceAnx. You can support the show at ko-fi.com/performanceanxiety or buy merch at performanceanx.threadless.com. Now let’s get into some found sounds with Musique Concrète on Performance Anxiety on the Pantheon Podcast Network.

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