Nate Morton (born December 30) is an American drummer. He is the drummer for the house band on NBC's TV show The Voice.

In 2005 and 2006 Morton appeared on the Mark Burnett's Rock Star: INXS and Rock Star: Supernova reality shows, as drummer for the House Band. During that time he has also appeared on two CDs, Rock Star: A Night at the Mayan Theatre, and Dark Horse, released by Ryan StarIn 2004, Morton completed a national tour as drummer with the American Idol band. Before that, he was the drummer for platinum-selling, Grammy-nominated, singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton. He spent two years as the drummer for Natalie Cole, toured with Chaka Khan and Poe and performed with Madonna at the 2002 Grammy Awards. Morton is endorsed by Pearl Drums, hardware and pedals and as of 2015 percussion formally endorsed by RhythmTech, as well as Zildjian  drumsticks and cymbals, Roland electronics and V-Drums and Remo drumheads. He's a graduate of the renowned Berklee College of Music, cites Animal from The Muppets as his primary influence and thanks his parents and his first drum instructor Grant Menfee for their early support of his musical aspirations. "The bottom line is I hit things with sticks for a living, and that's a pretty fun job."

FUNKY JAZZY STUFF, is the collaborative effort by drummer Nate Morton and producer and multi-instrumentalist Kenwood Anderson. As the title implies, it draws its inspiration from their varied musical interests and backgrounds. This record blends elements of smooth jazz, fusion and rock, with a sprinkling of go-go and Latin influence as well… tipping a hat to various artists while never becoming derivative. The listener can expect to go on a musical adventure that will keep their head bobbing and toe tapping.

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