On today's episode, Host Marla Davies talks with Mary Bridget Davies who plays Janis Joplin in the Broadway Production of 'A Night with Janis Joplin' which recently traveled to San Jose . The pair talk about the events that made the women, the women who made the music and the music that changed history. Tony nominated singer Mary Bridget Davies is exceptional in the roll and has the same grit, passion and power as Joplin. You'll also have a chance to compare Davies and Joplin both singing their versions of 'Ball and Chain'. You may be tricked to know the difference. You'll also hear from Monterey Pop Festivalgoer Dino Fields, who as a teenager saw Joplin in her now famous performance at the Monterey County Fairgrounds - Saturday June 17, 1967.


'Ball and Chain' - Mary Bridget Davies at BB King's NYC - July 28, 2014

'Ball and Chain' - Janis Joplin at the Monterey Pop Festival - Saturday June 17, 1967

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