The finish line is in sight. We are finally at the first part of the two part finale to season one of Sample Excavator.

We are exploring the immense influence of Nile Rodgers in music for the finale. To do this, however, we first need to understand the entire history of 20th century music to understand the context of his sound. This episode will do just that, focusing on the history of music and specifically disco from 1968 to 1980. Next week will go from 1980 until today understanding how his sound shaped rock, hip-hop, pop, and EDM from 1980 until today. I'll release two playlists for this episode, one demonstrating the wide variety of Protodisco songs used by early club DJ's, and the second containing mainstream Disco songs spanning 1976-1979.

These playlists can be found on Apple Music and Spotify under 'Sample Excavator Episode 1.9 (Protodisco)' and 'Sample Excavator Episode 1.9 (Disco)'

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Next week is the final episode of this season, finishing out the story of Nile Rodgers by exploring his continued influence in rock, pop, and EDM, with some classic Angelo ranting thrown in for good measure.

While season two won't be out for a few months, there is some special content coming your way in the off season, so stay tuned for that. 

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