The gents at See Hear Podcast want to pose some questions.

  • Do you mind other guys dancing with your girl?
  • Can we buy your magic bus?
  • Have you ever seen pictures of Lily?
  • Can you hear us?
  • Who are you?

Deep philosophical questions indeed. The Who were that type of band – funny, furious and filosophical.....

Welcome to episode 73 of See Hear Podcast.

Tim, Bernie and Maurice welcome back Marvellous Mike White of The Projection Booth Podcast to discuss the 1979 Who “documentary” The Kids Are Alright” (not to be confused with the 2010 film with Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo). Jeff Stein's film is certainly not a documentary in the traditional sense (no chronology, no talking heads retrospectively outlining the history). It IS a celebration of who The Who were up to Keith Moon's death. It shows their ferociousness and humour as a in that sense, even if we discover little about the events that shaped them, by film's end, we know what made them great.

The crew discuss the film, their own connections to The Who's music, sensationalism versus art, Pete's penchant for beating up people on stage, Keith's habit of destroying hotel rooms, and many other Who-vian peripherals.

Is the show worth tuning into? You better, you bet......

Huge thanks once again to Mike White for joining us for this one and being a supporter of our show. If you want lots of great film talk, then head on over to The Projection Booth website at or subscribe on your favourite podcast app. In particular, search out his recent show on Ken Russell's adaptation of Tommy

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