Welcome to Ska Boom Stories which is the audio companion to my book Ska Boom: An American Ska & Reggae Oral History now available from DiWulf Publishing and Amazon.  

The goal of the Ska Boom podcast is talk about ska with an emphasis on American ska history and the bands, musicians and people who have helped to create and influence a uniquely American version of ska and reggae that spans from the late 70s until today. 

Though Augustus Pablo never gained the international recognition of a Bob Marley, he is one of reggae's legitimate legends, a pioneer who flipped the genre completely upside down. Along with producer King Tubby, Pablo helped to pioneer dub – no mean feat considering his main instrument was the lowly plastic melodica. The fact is that Pablo was the first musician to popularize the melodica and had a direct influence on other more mainstream bands that added the plastic instrument to their songs.


Ska Boom is hosted/produced by Marc Wasserman and co-produced/engineered by Rob George and appears on the Pantheon Podcasts.

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