Welcome to “Punky Reggae Party” a special audio documentary series of the Ska Boom podcast that focuses on the historical origins and impact of reggae on popular music that will explore the phenomenon of punk and post-punk bands adopting the sounds of reggae

The convergence of punk with reggae and ska in the late 70's and early 80's resulted in some significant musical developments leading some punk and post-punk bands in England to experiment with the sound of reggae and dub in particular.

Reggae was natural for punks to mine as inspirational fuel, just as earlier rock ‘n’ roll eras adopted ideas and energy from blues and R&B. And chances are quite a few English punks had more than a few scratchy Trojan 45s in their record collections and a love of reggae in their blood.

In this episode I’m going dig into the history of Basement 5 who were arguably the first black punk reggae band and are described by many artists who followed them as "hugely influential" and "groundbreaking". And amazingly, Basement 5 continues to be one of the few remaining untold stories of its time.

Check out Basement 5 here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5ebPDGAR8t5CsUMOf8GfCf

Please note: The music clips included in this podcast fall under the “Fair Use Doctrine” as defined by Section 107 of the Copyright Act. The law allows for use of music clips for purposes of criticism, comment, and news reporting.

Episode produced by Marc Wasserman & engineered by Rob George.

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