Simon Milliman, or "Urban Jack" as he is currently known on stage, is challenging himself to write 12 albums in 12 months. As you can imagine, this doesn't leave time for revision - it's kind of like free writing, but with music. In this episode of the Songfacts Podcast, he explains how he's planning to pull it off... with no filler!

Simon is a fixture on the music scene in Portland, Oregon, where he lives with his wife, kids, dogs, and yes, chickens. Full of energy and endless creativity, Simon is relentlessly upbeat; he's one of those people who make you question how you are spending your own free time.

As Simon explains, there are a number of challenges that come with being continually creative and with making each album unique in sound and style. Here, he talks about his approach, and also discusses a couple of his past projects, including his time live scoring a film with a band that must have been playing as tight as anyone in order to hit those cues. Please check out his music below and stay tuned as there is much more to come from Urban Jack.

Hosted and Edited by Corey O’Flanagan