From the moon landing to the Stonewall riots, to Woodstock and Altamont, 1969 gave the world incredible highs and pivotal lows. Through it all, the most famous band in the world, The Beatles, struggled to keep it together while also putting together some of their most treasured music.

In his book And in the End: The Last Days of The Beatles, author Ken McNab details this historic year for the Fab Four on a month-by-month account. It opens in chilly London with the infamous rooftop concert, takes us through the painstaking recording of the songs that would form the albums Let It Be and Abbey Road, and gives us an inside look at the chaotic business side of the band.

In this episode, he posits on what broke up The Beatles and explains how Abbey Road could have been very different if George Harrison got the space on the album he deserved. The book is available here:

Hosted and Edited by Corey O’Flanagan