Before Adam Levine, Benny Blanco and Travie McCoy got to it, "Stereo Hearts" was an emo song Brandon Lowry co-wrote on a piano. Fed into the star-on machine (otherwise known as The Voice, where Levine promoted it), the song got swole, amassing half a billion streams on YouTube alone.

Contrast that with Brandon's life as an independent artist. Recording under the alias Baby Fuzz, he makes music with a dark humor that hints at the end times - it's the perspective of an environmentalist. On his last tour (pre-COVID), he slept in his van at Walmart parking lots.

Like Greta Thunberg, Brandon is immune to celebrity, which gives him an advantage when working with artists like Madonna and Britney Spears. In this episode, we talk about his approach to superstar collaborations, get the "Stereo Hearts" story, and hear about his latest project, Welcome to the Future (Season 1).

Hosted and Edited by Corey O’Flanagan

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