The release of Northern Lights - Southern Cross seemed like a new beginning or a re-conquering of rock music for The Band, but that was all critical appraisal. Northern Lights - Southern Cross publicly and privately held very different truths. 

Deemed a comeback, and with that the expectation The Band resumed their mantle as kings of authentic rock music, The Band didn’t really see it that way on the inside. As critical praise mounted, starting with their massive tour with Dylan in 1974 through the release of a very solid album in Northern Lights - Southern Cross, the members of The Band were steadily declining. 

Thus begins the story again, confused, frustrated and angry, The Band took their talents to the works of Neil Diamond and Eric Clapton. However, this time it was a breaking point. They didn’t know it, or maybe they did, but it was only a matter of time before the glass house shattered.