Welcome music fans to a new show joining Pantheon - The House List!

The House List is a casual, long-form conversational show by music industry veteran Peter Agoston. Agoston got his start on terrestrial radio in 1994 and from there set off on a long journey that continues to this day. Years spent contributing print writing and photography for the likes of Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, The Source, Miami New Times, Wax Poetics and more. He also spearheaded an influential boutique record label and video magazine.

In this episode Peter chats with Olivia Gatwood, who is a world renown touring poet, she just published her second novel of essays and poems titled 'Life Of The Party' on Random House. Our host Peter Agoston sat with Olivia in Los Angeles recently to talk about her childhood - growing up in Albuquerque as well as Trinidad and Tobago. She's a skillful writer whose work traverses deeply into personal reflection. On 'Life of the Party' she uses the modern fixation of so-called "true crime" as a devise to examine how and why it is, what it is. Pretty fascinating stuff. Share this podcast if you may know someone that would be into Olivia's work. Don't forget to subscribe where ever you listen to podcasts and drop us a line at thehouselistpodcast@gmail.com - She also has a fantastic weekly podcast entitled Say More worth lending an ear to. 

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