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I have the full unedited interview with Rob Hamenko from the resistance warts and all.There is a big silence gap at the begining as Rob had skype issues so you will need to skip ahead.

The reason I posted this beacause Rob from the Band said this

"I just had a listen all the way through the interview I did for the Resistance last weekend and read all that is up on Blabbermouth (I usually don't cause I feel weird listening to my own voice but for now on; I will). Sadly the whole thing been blown out of proportion and taken out of context of course. There were more things said that should've been in there but isn't, so most of it stinks right now. I actually said a lot of good things about you (Jesper) and that I got such a warm welcome from you when I joined the band and that I've missed that part of you and that you also seems alright for the moment and wished you the best in whatever you endeavors. I'm deeply sorry about this and it really hurts me it turned out this way. It looks and sounds very bad and that wasn't my purpose at all, I'm so sorry Jesper. I can understand if you can't forgive me and I don't blame you. It seems nowadays you can't trust anyone, especially media and I should have known that. "...somethings rotten in the state of Denmark" /Rob "

He was questioned by another facebook user "Are you saying the audio of the recorded interview was edited, or are you saying the article written by Blabbermouth took things out of context? I listened to the audio of the interview, and it painted quite a negative picture of Jesper. Even if that wasn’t your intention, you can’t blame the media for interpreting it that way."

Rob Hakemo "Yeah, correct. It's somehow edited and it definitely comes out negative unfortunately. But as I said, I should've known. I want to apologize for how it turned out in the end, especially to Jesper"

and here is what I replied.

" I'm going to post the full interview.I have already sent it over to Jesper.I'm not the media I'm just a guy who records a podcast with a friend about metal. I will let other people decide what they think. When you question the integrity of me and my friend then I don't appreciate that at all to be honest.You need to take repsonsiblity for what you said and not blame others."

So here it is in full

Again you can decide what you make of it.

I also want to make clear that me and Joe want the best for Jesper and our intention was not to upset anybody and if we have we are sorry.I suffer from depression myself and it can eat you up inside and pretty much fuck your life up.I have reached out to him and told him this myself in a private conversation.We hope one day he will have a chat with us.

I honestly feel like shelving the show.