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This week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Ian and Jonathan welcome Roger from The Geek Likes Blog to discuss "Cube" from 1997 and directed by Vincenzo Natali.

The PositiveWe're a little extra of this one because Cube is a Canadian movie with a really interesting premise.  There's a tension that permeates the movie and it's punctuated with a thick sense of claustrophobia, which will keep you tense right to the end.

The NegativeThough it's a very good idea, the execution suffers due to poor writing and an over abundance of story cliches, and we would have like to see more character development.  Instead, most of the characters came off one dimension caricatures.

The VerdictCube is worth a watch, you might be pleasantly surprised with how well the movie was made considering the budget.  Regarding the sequels, you can skip 'em.

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Roger mentioned and episode of The Twilight Zone episode called “Five Characters in Search of an Exit” which first aired in 1961. Here's more info on IMDB

After writing Cube, Vincenzo Natali developed and filmed a short entitled "Elevated" The short was set in an elevator and was intended to give investors an idea of how Cube would hypothetically look and come across. It eventually got the feature financed.

"Cubed" is being developed by Lionsgate (The Hollywood Reporter) and will be directed by up-and-coming Iranian-American filmmaker Saman Kesh (he directed the short sci-fi film "Controller".


 Listener Feedback

John SheehyCube Cube Cube....what a show. If I woke up in the Cube I hope it would be like the first time I watched it...... Started with a group of about 10 and only 3 of them stayed, glued to it at the end.Why is there this cube? Who cares.... there are people in it what follows is an examination of who we are and what strength means according to the situation.... Ye didn't see that coming Mr Policeman!

I agreed with the show on Robot and Frank saying it was a good starting place for people not into sci-fi... The Cube would surely be on the other end of the accessible spectrum

Ton de WittePray and move as little as possible to begin with, then hope I meet an autistic fellow who can find the safe rooms. Very interesting movie made by people who have a very morbid imagination, essential viewing I would say. Oh yes take some extra pairs of shoes with you in case you don't meet the autistic fellow wink emoticon

Ray RCube was an amazing film! I'm forever indebted to Jon for introducing me to it (along with other great things he got me into like Doctor Who). The suspense and the character-driven nature of the film was fantastic and so strong you didn't need much in the way of special effects. The entire thing shot on a Toronto sound stage on a razor-thin budget of $350,000 this shows how an amazing story and outstanding performances can shine when big budget distractions are removed. The sequel (which I call FashionCube) and the prequel weren't nearly as good but I guess I'll speak to those when you get to them, which I assume you will. Cube is a must-watch as a great film regardless of genre.

Oh and if I woke up in the cube? I sure as hell wouldn't waste time and energy on the whys and the philosophy and the big picture, I'd focus on getting the F out and staying alive - like The Wren but with a better outcome and no french accent wink emoticon

Bandrew ScottYES! This is one of my favorite sci-fi Films!I discovered this film after coming across Cube 2: Hypercube on the SciFi read that right. The SciFi Channel, and not the SyFy Channel. But I digress. I spent weeks trying to find a copy of this film at a rental store, but couldn't find it in my entire city. I ended up having to buy it online, and I don't regret that decision. This film is a testament to what can be done with a minimal budget, a good idea, and very goofy dialogue. The film captures the feeling of paranoia and claustrophobia expertly, and you almost feel like another person trapped in the cube. Overall a great viewing experience (and one of my favorites), but I don't think it's essential Sci-Fi Viewing unless you're a huge sci-fi fan. It may even push some viewers away from the genre with the unanswered questions you're left with.

If I were to wake up in a cube like this, I would be the first to go. I am incredibly unobservant of my surroundings, so if those unobserved surroundings were actively trying to kill me, I'd be done for.

Thanks for the awesome podcast, keep up the great work, and can't wait to hear more!

Dean Martin (Science Fiction Film Podcast)I remember being pleasantly surprised by this flick. I also seem to remember some gruesome laser work by the Cube's defense system.

Jim GoodmanMy advice would be to not wake up in a sequel.

Nick MillerStay in one spot until you starve, or are eventually moved to the exit. Either is better than exploring.

Mitch ToddBite into the cyanide pill in your tooth. Don't have one? Today is not your day.

Joshua K. ReardonDon't suck on the button, it's a trap.


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