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Hosted by Remi Lavictoire and Jonathan Colbon
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This week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Jonathan and Rem finally talk about the movie Rem has been resisting, 'Dude, Where's my Car?',  from 2000 and directed by Danny Leiner.

Initial Ratings (0 to 10)Jonathan: 3.0 Shibby'sRem: -12 raised to the power 9 Special Treaters

The Positive Jonathan enjoyed this movie, and Rem only begrudgingly watched it this week. Dude had a few laugh worthy moments and it'll have a strong nostalgia pull for people who saw it when they were younger.

The Negative The target viewer here is a 10 boy, so older audiences won't relate. It's not a great movie, and you'll have to turn off your brain to enjoy it.

Verdict Certainly not essential viewing, but it's got a few laughs. If you're over 15 year old, skip it.


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Listener Feedback

Luca FenuIremember seeing it, but honestly nothing else beside a general sense of amusement... Was there any sci-fi there??? really?

Ray RAliens and Brent Spiner - it's scifi...

I saw this with Jon. We were on our first road trip to the US and stopped to see this at a semi-abandoned mall. A fight broke out in the theatre before the movie started and people were arrested so we felt we were getting the authentic american movie-going experience. When the guys jump into Brent Spiner's compound and proclaim "there's something very Canadian about this place" we were the only ones who laughed - it was awkward. After the movie we couldn't find his car. We didn't watch this movie, we lived it.

Doug FergusonIt's been too long since I've seen this to have much to say, but I'm just really entertained that you guys are actually reviewing it.

Ton de WitteDefinitely not high scifi art, but it has aliens in it and some funny moments. Dude where's my podcast?

Steve FergusonI can't help but love this film, and see it as the heir apparent to the Bob Hope / Bing Crosby "Road" movies ("Road To Bali", "Road To Rio", etc). Just...without the singing. Accept it's a silly comedy, and you'll be just fine.

Actually, maybe it should have been a musical. That would have been something...right?

Cory MetcalfeYeah, it's a bit stupid but I liked this movies. It made me laugh. So I'll file this under guilty pleasure


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