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This week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Jonathan and Rem  discuss some films to avoid and other films we're looking forward to in coming months!

Movie News:

Jonathan: Debate and controversy over Sulu being gay.  Should it matter?

Rem: Latest on Alien 5


Movies to see:

Jonathan: Fantastic Voyage (1966)

Rem: Circle (2015) and The Real History of Science Fiction


Movies To Avoid:

Jonathan and Rem: Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)


Listener Feedback 

Ton de Witte I don't care if Sulu is gay or not, like it is in the normal world. people are what they are. Saw deadpool on Blu ray now that was a funny entertaining movie, highly recommended.

Ray R As for the Sulu thing it's seem a tough call to me but I have to come down ever so slightly on Takei's side here. I think it's changing Gene's vision of the character. Pegg responds to Takei's comments saying they picked an established character so we would already know the character and accept the character - frankly I think Pegg is underestimating the audience, we don't need to be made to like a character and then find out they're gay. I think for once society is ahead of Star Trek on this one and it wouldn't be blinked at to have a character be gay, I think this is only noteworthy because it's changing an existing character. I like the fact that they say it's normalized in the movie, like it's no big deal, but I'd prefer the real-world side of things had been equally normalized with a new character rather than what seems to a sort of strategy or trick to get people to like a gay Star Trek character. We don't need a trick, we need good writing and a good performance, that's what makes the difference between a token character and a 3 dimensional one. Scott Buchanan Saw Independence Day 2016 and I'll admit it was sloppy, trashy fun. When I saw it, it was exactly the mindless spectacle i needed to take my mind off other things. John Sheehy Star Trek movies can hit the ground running because while it is a reboot the characters are already defined for us, and they evolve to new events. They don't have the time to do something meaningful like the DS9 episode Rejoined, which focused on a society defining what is allowed and banning other types of loving relationships and this episode challenged views through storytelling.

Dark Tower…. That story be slow but I'll stick with it based on last month's encouragement to get through to the other books.

Been mostly re-watching Mr Robot - Season 1 and had very little sci-fi this month expect for the incredibly fun and enjoyable movie that is Independence Day ….. Yes I watched the 1996 again and I think I did myself a favour because I have a podcast to watch these terrible movies and create reviews that are probably more entertaining than actually having to watch the movie ….bit like a MST3K

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