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This week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Jonathan, Rem and Kyran  welcome Welcome Wayne Henderson from to discuss some movies to watch, some to avoid and other films we're looking forward to in coming months!

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Movie News:

Wayne:  Filming of Stephen King's Dark Tower series has begun!

Jonathan: Michael Straczynsky’s Rising Stars gets optioned by MGM

Kyran: Both Ghostbusters casts appear on Jimmy Kimmel

James Rolfe refuses to review the new Ghostbusters

Rem: Godzilla Resurgence being released in Japan at the end of July


Movies to see:

Wayne: Time after Time (1979) - Mary Steenburgen and Malcolm McDowell

Jonathan: The Martian (2015) - Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig & Jeff Daniels

Kyran: Edge Of Tomorrow (2015) - Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt

Rem: Her (2013) - Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams and Scarlett Johansson


Movies To Avoid:

Wayne: Laserblast (1978) - Cheryl Smith and Kim Milford

Jonathan: Battleship (2012) - Taylor Kitch, Rihanna and Alexander Skarsgard

Kyran: X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) - Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender & Jame McAvoy

Rem: Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007) - Steven Pasquale, Reiko Aylesworth & John Oritz


Listener Feedback 

Will Neville Hey guys - Was just curious if you planned on changing the format on the podcast? The new format contains a lot of spoilers of newer movies that I haven't seen yet.

Alicia Postigo Hey guys, I just listened to the last podcast and Jonathan got the pronunciation of my last name right the first time, just FYI. Keep up the awesome pod-casting.

Ray R I'd love to hear your thoughts on the whole Ghostbusters fiasco.

There doesn't seem to be much redeeming about the movie except for Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Chris Hemsworth, Andy Garcia, and Nate Corddry all but one of whom appear to be minor characters. Previously I had no intention of seeing the film because it just doesn't look like it would be any good but I've actively soured on the film since the internet lost it's mind over James Rolfe not wanting to see it.

The backlash to Rolfe's completely reasonable video that has nothing to do with gender has made it such that if you don't want to see Ghostbusters you're automatically sexist regardless of your reasons. I plan to have a movie marathon weekend when Ghostbusters comes out and see every other movie in theatres except Ghostbusters while wearing my Cinemassacre t-shirt. A quiet protest for the voice of reason. If I go see Finding Dory on Ghostbuster's opening for reasons having nothing to do with gender or identity am I still sexist? Do people really reveal the content of their character by the movies they watch?

Liz Irwin The level of anticipation I have towards The Dark Tower movie is hard to quantify. I truly believed nobody would ever try to make it into a movie or series. It's an epic tale and I'm beyond thrilled with the casting of Roland, a little nervous regarding McConaughey.

Nick Jensen I love the Dark Tower series, well the first four are amazing, but as far as the movie goes I'm not really holding my breath. History has shown that Hollywood has not been able to adapt King well at all, unless your name is Frank Darabont or Rob Reiner, and being as expansive and non-traditional as the Dark Tower is I could see this not working out. That being said, I will probably see it because I'm a huge Stephen King fan. The movie I'm most looking forward to is Jason Bourne, I know it's not sci-fi but it's the one I'm looking forward to the most, and I'm still very interested in Suicide Squad even though I'm getting a bit of comic book movie fatigue. Movies to avoid: Goosebumps, loved the books as a kid and picked it up to watch while drinking a couldn't finish it; Legend with Tom Hardy, not sci-fi but I love Tom Hardy but could only watch about 30 minutes of this there was no storyline whatsoever, very disappointing.

John Sheehy John Sheehy I've been looking forward to the Ghostbusters since I first heard about it. Don't know if Starbuck is going to make a cameo but this cast have made some really good comedy movies. Whatever this thing on the internet is I've been trying to ignore it, I'm going to blindly call both sides idiots, the movie isn't out yet.

Disappointed with X-Men, it seems flat and I felt it's been twisted in the direction of a Young Adult Franchise Cash-cow. Warcraft is the best collection of actors to ever have we want to leave a movie….a few nice moments but it was tough going. The King and Queen however do look promising in the first episode of Preacher….Ruth Negga was in an Irish cult hit and delighted to see her get bigger roles than just helping Brad Pitt figure out how to stop Zombie's

My Sci-fi recommendation is for everyone to watch Repo Men for all the health care questions and I'm also going to recommend Eye in the Sky. (Drone movie with Helen Mirren et al) I think we all grew up watching movies exploring how we will react and use technology in the future and this movie follows a familiar approach. Also it serves as a reminder that we are now living in the not-to-distant future when we can wage war from thousands of miles. Please spend some time to consider that rather than on an internet tantrum over a reboot. I don't just mean the war aspect but also, if Eye in the Sky was released 20/30 years ago it would have been classed as a Sci Fiction and today it's just mainstream drama.

US Army Video MAV - Micro Aerial Vehicles

Regarding the format change:

Chris Williams I loved the new format, you guys are excellent. Something I would enjoy is a section for good indie/smaller film recommendations. Movies you have enjoyed that we may not have heard of. Anyway thanks for all of the effort you put it, fantastic show :)

Michael Simshauser Can't say I'm a fan of the new format. Firstly although I wonder if a name change to the podcast maybe in order ? A majority of the beginning of the show was dedicated to talking about Warcraft and Captain America-Civil War. While I am interested in seeing Warcraft and have already seen Civil War, to me they are Fantasy and Superheroes and strictly not Science Fiction.

I applaud you for trying something new but I believe it needs more tweaking especially if you are looking at expansion. And the echo that was on Rem's audio throughout the episode also detracted from the episode as well. I have been listening to you guys for awhile now and have found many great films and podcasts because of your podcast and I hope that you can return to your halcyon days soon.

Robert Sedler I prefer the old format, mostly because I could easily avoid spoilers by selecting episodes for films I had seen, skipping any and all discussion of films I had not seen yet. Because I really dislike modern movie theaters (mostly because of modern movie audiences) I won't be seeing films like CA:CW or Deadpool until I can rent them. When the discussion this week covered these films I heard a spoiler or two and was then forced to pull the plug on this week's podcast. I appreciate the need to evolve, but I really do prefer a more in-depth look at one film rather than covering so many at a time.

Will Neville Sorry guys, but I think I prefer the old format as well. Spoilers are the main issue for me. Is there anything you guys can do about that? Perhaps a spoiler-free version? Other podcasts that I listen to do this. A great example is the Game of Thrones The Podcast by Bald Move. They provide a separate spoiler-free episode that only discusses the TV show and none f the book spoilers.

Hans-Kristian Moslund First - you guys are rock-stars, really enjoy the show. And thank you for taking the risk to explore new frontiers, and bold. :-). .. .

What worked for me in the new format;

- reminded me a bit of a great hang-out with friends, talking about movies - i loved Jonathan doing the interview - i liked that you talked about 'new stuff' coming up, and also some visits to the pasts (what to re-watch and what to avoid) - in general - your podcast is the best Sci-Fi show in town, defacto the gold standard. - great with guests, but really enjoy having 2 key hosts.

Some ideas that I could suggest for consideration ;

- maybe introduce a bit more tight format with 3-4 sections, without losing the great relaxed setting - suggestions could be : what's coming up / what are you guys excited about. What have you rewatched and enjoyed (with the same format as before the change - but like 20 min or so). - And I would really really like a "series pilot episodes rewatch", where you looked into the premise for a new, old, failed series (the castle, expanse, bsg, dr.who, the 100, B5, dome etc.etc) and also discussed what universe / worldview the serie represented. - have a 5 - 10 min "fun" segment, discussing "biggest ships", "biggest guns", "strangest creature", "stupidst plot", "best suit". Sci Fi technology that has become real, or coming. - Also, suggest the "top 3-5" things that our friends from "game of microphone" uses when you review stuff. - there are a lot of podcast about 'super guys movies' (e.g. total geekcall), you are the kings of sci-fi, so i have you as nr 1 podcast for that reason. the super guys stuff also is fun, but I would always hope to hear more about sci-fi than super-guy´s stuff from your show. John Sheehy Hey guys, the new format is great with all the wandering conversions. It's more a different show from the same team rather than a different format but there is so much going on in SciFi/Fantasy/Superhero movies at the moment, it's great your covering it all and I like the mix of guests.

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