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This week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Jonathan and Rem close out our discussion of the Star Wars Prequels with Episode III Revenge of the Sith" from 2005 and directed by George Lucas.

We're very happy to welcome back Mr. Blahg from the "Under The Comic Covers" Podcast which you'll also find on the Podcastica Network.

The PositiveYes, it is darkest of the three prequels, and it really is the best. Lucas seemed to learn a few lessons from feedback on the previous two installments. This episode concludes the transition from Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader, and Jonathan liked that his transition was done in a plausible and believable way.  The opening sequence was quite impressive and there were a few moments of good character development.  The sound and visuals were stunning, of course.  Rem enjoyed how Episode 3 started to put familiar pieces in place that would make for a natural transition into Episode 4.

The NegativeWhile visually stunning, the story still suffers from a poorly written script and cringe worthy dialogue, particularly with the Padme/Anakin scenes. We concluded that Darth Maul from Episode 1 should have been keep through through the prequels to be a constant and familiar threat. Also, more Christopher Lee would have been good! We'd have preferred less of the vaudevillian and virtually ineffective use of the Battle Droids.

The VerdictBoth Jonathan and Mr. Blahg consider this to be essential viewing, and once you've endured Episodes 1 and 2, you'll find Episode 3 to be the best of the bunch.

Listener Feedback

Fox SterlingProbably the best of the prequels. They certainly went more hardcore with the spousal abuse ending and the killing of younglings. Glad to finally see Anakin became Darth Vader but not wild about that "Noooo" line reading. The Chewbacca cameo was definitely unnecessary. And how is Padme pregnant with twins? She's tiny! There's no way there are two human fetuses in there. What I'm really left wondering is how did Vader not know where Luke was since he was taken to his home planet and with his step brother? Overall a decent movie though and Ewan is again the best performance.

Brian CampbellAaaaaah! That feeling of relief that it was finally over. That Anakin wasn't smart enough to realize that he was fulfilling his own prophecy, was a testament to horrible writing that was matched by the horrible dialogue. The laughter from the audience when Darth Vader screamed "Noooooooooooooo!" was the perfect punctuation to Lucas' folly. Sorry, when I think of "what could have been", I get bitter. Makes me want to find "high ground" in Episode VII.

Nick JensenThe best of the prequels, but it didn't have much to compete with and had the most interesting plot waiting for it (Anakin finally turning into Darth Vader). But Lucas continues to show that he shouldn't be allowed to write dialogue and get help with his scripts, I believe he had a great vision with the first Star Wars but really gets in his own way the more he messes with the universe; none of the prequels were great and left a lot to be desired...glad he finally gave it to others to continue the universe. Is this movie, or any of the prequels, essential viewing? Nooooooooooo. I think the prequels take more away from the original trilogy than they add, the only thing I enjoyed about the prequels was the light saber fights and Ewan McGregor.

Paola CatapanoBoooring, like the other prequels... fingers' crossed for the next trilogy!

Michael SimshauserI went to the midnight screening of Episode III when I lived in Canberra. It was a great experience seeing it in that setting and for those of us that had grown up with Star Wars, it also had a sense of finality as well. This film was the best of the prequel trilogy as it had all the things that we wanted to see from the start of the prequels: Wookies, Order 66 and most importantly how Anakin became Darth Vader. The only parts that pulled me out the movie were when Anakin questions Mace Windu when he becomes a member of the Jedi Council but not a Jedi Master. Anyone that has seen Pulp Fiction knows better than to say "what" to Samuel L Jackson. And also what was Emperor Palpatine doing when Yoda turned up ? Paperwork. But apart from that, a great movie. Essential scifi viewing if you want to know how Darth came into being. As for my hopes for Episode VII, I simply don't want it to suck.

Doug FergusonI actually really enjoy Revenge of the Sith for the most part. When I saw it in theatres and it opened with that huge space battle, I was on board. Seeing Palpatine manipulate Anakin actually works for me. Where this movie falls flat is, again, the romance between Padme and Anakin. The dialogue is brutally bad and seeing Padme, a once strong female character, be reduced to a whiny wife dependent on her clearly unstable husband was hard to watch. I would have loved to see the strength that we saw from in the first two films come out again and have her stand up to Anakin. Alas, at the end she dies from a broken heart... not as impactful as I would have hoped for her. There were some other issues... like Chewbacca being awkwardly shoehorned in and some campiness from R2, but relatively speaking, those are forgivable.

Ton de WitteI liked it, a treacherous Sith master has his apprentice killed by the next apprentice. Sidious's manipulations come to full bloom and the empire is founded and along the way all opponents are eliminated. The effects were very good and the final fight between Obi Wan and Vader was awesome. Overall an enjoyable movie, required viewing. To understand this movie better watch the 2 clone wars animated movies these are a very good bridge between parts 2 and 3, and if you want more watch the clone wars series.


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