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This week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Rem, Jaime, Ian and Jonathan dig deeper into "The Cabin in the Woods from 2012 and directed by Drew Goddard.

The PositiveIf you find yourself initially confused when you start watching it, that's ok. You're supposed to wonder what the hell is going on.  That's part of the charm, Cabin is not your typical teen slasher movie. It's a funny and clever mashup of different genres done in typical Joss Whedon style.

The NegativeBecause it's such a unique movie, some will skip it and not see the humor behind it.

The VerdictNot necessarily essential in the Sci-Fi realm, but if you're a Joss Whedon fan, you'll love it.

 Listener Feedback


Jennifer RobertsonCabin in the Woods was an absolute riot. I feel like not enough people "got" the movie, but Richard Jenkins and his crew were hysterical and perfect. Joss Whedon took a big risk with this movie and I for one am glad he did. It is hard to do good horror, and even harder, I think, to blend it with another genre. Looking at these 2 posters side by side it is interesting that one was pretty out of the box, and the other was dangerously inside the box.

Mitch ToddI just saw Cabin in the Woods. #MindBlown

David ZapantaI love Cabin in the Woods. Great horror-comedy—it's like the witty love child of The Truman Show and Scream. Explaining horror movie tropes as scenarios created by white collar workers trying to save the world was genius. Great performances from everyone, especially Bradley Whitford, who provided much-needed comic relief. A very solid, satisfying movie overall, with great creature designs and set pieces. I hope the rumors of a sequel are just that—rumors.

Michael ClaudioI love this movie for its accurate depiction of a casual trip to a cabin in the woods. Nothing bad happens, 5 friends have fun on their trip and then they go back to college completely safe and remain the bestest of friends. Highly recommend this flick!

Lily McGrattanI'm not allowed to watch scary movies anymore. The Shining, It, and Cure (Japanese movie) left too many scars. o.o;;;

Ton de WitteJust watched Cabin in the woods. Now that was a nice new take on the group gets slaughtered in a desolate place genre. Horror comedy at its best, essential viewing I say.

Dusty TweedhopeWhat a cool movie. I started watching it thinking "This is dumb. Typical characters in a slasher movie setup. BOOOOORRRRRINGGGGGG." But man, after we saw that this movie had a HUGE side of the story that was going on, and that was SO unlike other horror type flicks, it became really interesting. I thought the dirt bike jump scene over the canyon was totally awesome, and another example of how unpredictable and unique this film was. It was a really fun spin on a horror type movie, I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would.

Liz IrwinHope not too late for this. Cabin in the woods was so good. I really underestimated this movie before hand I put off seeing it because I thought it was just another stab and kill in the woods movie. But the actual story really blew me away and all of us who are watching it in a group, who all -incidentally - have different tastes in movies, loved it and the ending knock our socks off. Some felt it was a little directionless in the end but I felt like that was kind of it's charm, if I could use that term in regards to this movie…

Balbinder BhatiaHi there Gentlemen, I enjoyed both movies a lot. Cabin in the woods was a lot of fun. Very few films can pull off the horror and comedy however in my humble opinion, this film was the best effort since Army of Darkness.


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