The Leftovers Show Notes - Season 1

Welcome to the very first episode of The Sci-Fi TV Podcast, my name is Rem and to help us get started, we’re very happy to welcome Karen, one half of the most popular Walking Dead Podcast on the planet, the Walking Dead ‘Cast.

And a big welcome to Wayne Henderson, from the Packers Fan Podcast, 11.22.63 A Look Back, and another mysterious tv fan podcast later in 2017.

On our first episode, we’re talking about Season 1 of the HBO series The Leftovers. We’re doing two catch you up episodes to refresh you for the 3rd and final season which begins Sunday April 16th on HBO.

We’ll spoil everything in season 1, but not season 2, so you have a chance to catch up on season 2 before we do our next episode.


Might be a bit of language here too,


Questions to consider:

What first got you watching The Leftovers?

The Damon Lindelof factor (Lost!)

Will we ever know the reason for the departure?

What else is coming?

Favorite Scene?

Favorite Character?

What other unanswered questions do you have?

  • Dean the dog shooter. Angel? What’s with his truck?
  • What does Kevin and Kevin Sr. have specifically? Is it that they’re resisting spiritual guidance?

Did the GR use real bodies or mannequins?


Thanks to Karen and Wayne for joining us, and we’ll be back with a look at season 2 in early March as we make our way to the third and final episode of The Leftovers.  Get all the show notes, video clips and more on the website at Sci-Fi TV




Episode 1 (Pilot)

That song! “Retrograde” by James Blake


Kevin and his up in the laundromat with a crying baby in season two like the woman did at the beginning of season one

- Jill might act out less if Kevin actually told her what he was feeling and going through.  She acts out because she's not being included or talked to. (Kevin won't tell her not to go to the Memorial)

- What so obviously seems like the Christian rapture is being denied by Matt the


Tom reading ‘The stranger, by Albert Camus

lots of quick jarring cuts gives you the sense that there's tension and immediate danger just under the surface


  • Empty picture frames

- The kids have lost all sense of meaning and purpose, and have become hedonistic.

  • Dogs, Deer and assorted animals.
  • Kevin keeps waking up on the floor
  • Tommy screaming under water
  • Dog shooter at end, 'don’t just stand there'.
  • What caused the dogs to go crazy?

Matt as the Job of the Bible


Episode 2 (Penguins one, us zero)

  • Did Dean the dog shooter just give the black pickup truck to Kevin?
  • Can't reconcile the black truck and how Dean would just give it to him
  • Chopping down the tree,  is that to demonstrate the nature of futility?
  • Why did Nora push the cup off the table?


Episode 3 (Two boats and a helicopter)

  • Stop light goes from green straight to read and then flashes red, and pigeons on top of the street light
  • Matt has the awesome creepy dream sequence!


Episode 4 (BJ and the AC)

  • Baby Jesus stolen
  • Christine accosted by naked guy: ‘ you walk over the dead, they're all in white’, ‘I know what's inside you’
  • Kevin tries to arrest the GR, for trespassing at the school
  • Kevin almost crashes car, loses control of it
  • Kevin driving black truck now?
  • Jill almost torching BJ, felt dark and sacrilegious
  • Tom takes Christine to hospital
  • Lori tries to serve divorce to Kevin by Meg reading a note from Lori
  • Jill gives Lori a lighter
  • The Twins return the BJ
  • On the bus, Tom and Christine find dead bodies in white all over the road, like the naked guy said
  • Kevin meets Nora (moments of brutal honesty)
  • Kevin and cops mass arrest the GR
  • The rest of the GR is breaking into homes and stealing pictures (also brutal considering what happens later in the season
  • Kevin finds Matt replacing the BJ,  and throws his away.
  • Lori tries to get light from gutter


Episode 5 (Gladys)

  • Gladys seems to be agreeing to something with Patty
  • Gladys and another GR walked past a man who has fallen, they offer no help
  • Gladys is kidnapped, strapped to a tree, and stoned to death
  • One of the hardest death scenes of any TV show to watch
  • Then Dean shoots some dogs?
  • Kevin has lost a bunch of his shirts
  • We learned that Dean actually exists, and is not one of Kevin's hallucinations
  • Kevin tells Jill about the GR person who died. Jill thought it was her mom, Kevin explained everything, finally being a good communicative parent
  • Lori has a panic attack and goes to the hospital
  • Patty picks up Lorene from the hospital and take her to a hotel, plays the radio!
  • Kevin calls the ATF and leaves a message to be called back
  • Laurie and Patty have breakfast and Patty chats up a storm!
  • Kevin runs into Nora at the laundromat, they don't have his shirts
  • Kevin questions Matt, asked if he was involved in Gladys is murder
  • Patty gives a speech to Laurie [grab the audio] 35:00
  • Patty writes the name Neil on a bag
  • Sean: he gets Gladys's body shipped to Virginia, Kevin leaves another message and Taras him a new one
  • Patty leaves a bag on Neil's doorstep
  • Kevin is having issues with the house alarm
  • Kevin talks to the agent finally, and the agent makes a dark suggestion that seems to indicate doing away with the GR (illuminate the infestation), something like what happened to Wayne's compound
  • The agent offers to send troops to wipe out the guilty remnant
  • Kevin gets loaded, buys more beer, then goes and harasses the laundromat guy
  • Meg has stopped talking, dressed in white and rights to Patty that she is ready
  • Matt sets up a public address system outside the guilty remnant house, Laurie goes out with a whistle and blows it in his face
  • Matt seemed so hopeful when Laurie came out, poor guy takes such a shit kicking
  • Kevin tells Jill about the divorce, and she seems to really appreciate that he actually talked to her, Kevin weeps into a pillow
  • Switch to a facility where Gladys's body is removed from the box and cremated


  • This is the saddest episode of the entire series


Episode 6 (Guest) Nora Centric

  • Nora conducts interviews for Benefits recipients
  • She spies on the pre-school teacher to was having affair with her husband
  • Nora hires a prostitute to shoot her (Blasting music)
  • Nora goes to court to file for divorce, runs into Kevin, who is also getting a divorce...she invites him to Miami
  • Nora meets with co-worker, he queries how she asks a particular question (Question 121 “In
  • Nora goes to conference, has to wade through a protest, and finds someone has stolen her conference ID
  • She meets super douchy guy named Marcus, and she really doesn’t care what he does
  • Confronts a woman who she thinks took her badge, but it’s not her
  • Nora makes out with Marcus’ body double
  • Hotel security kicks her out of the hotel
  • She goes to a copy store and makes a fake ID
  • Goes back to the hotel and confronts the woman who stole her identity
  • Nora meets the guy who wrote the book (Patrick Johanson) and flips out on him
  • Meets tall bald guy who takes her to see Holy Wayne
  • Nora goes shopping for her own groceries instead of her family
  • Kevin asks Nora out on a date
  • Nora does another interview, asks question 121 ‘In your opinion, do you believe _______________ is in a better place? Nora’s ‘yes’ streak is broken.


Episode 7 (Solace for tired feet)

  • Jill and friends are taking turns doing the refrigerator challenge
  • Nora and Kevin on fourth date, and they’re gonna do it!
  • Jill gets stuck, and her grandfather breaks her out
  • Tommy and Christine are in Gary, Indiana
  • Holy Wayne call Tom, tells him to take some money to one of his other concubines
  • Jill tells Kevin that his dad escaped, Kevin doesn’t tell Jill anything...constantly, very frustrating
  • Kevin has a dream of the dog shooter, he’s got a dog in a mailbox and dead GR members in the truck (including Lori)
  • Kevin wakes up with bandaged hand on the floor, and do tied up in back yard
  • Doesn’t look like a dog bite, more a human bite
  • Kevin’s dad busted up a library, seems he was trying to get hold of a National Geographic for Kevin
  • Tommy take half his money and gives it to the the other couple hosting Wayne’s other baby
  • Jill’s Grandpa shows up at home, and talks to Jill (He actually talks to her)
  • Kevin arrives, arrests Grandpa (Kevin Sr.)
  • Jill orders something online
  • Kevin doesn’t remember getting the dog or talking to Amy
  • Kevin Sr. is with Matt, and Kevin is losing it.
  • Tom learns about Wayne baby franchise and almost gets shot
  • Kevin Sr. meets Kevin at diner, gives him NG magazine, Kevin refuses (May 1972 issue of National Geographic) Kev. Sr. says ‘You need to accept it’.
  • Is Kevin on the Hero’s Journey in the Joseph Campbell sense?
  • Matt tries to quote scripture, Kevin tells him to fuck off.
  • Kevin goes to Nora’s, and they make the sweet love!
  • Meg tells Lori that Kevin is with Nora, Lori says ‘so?’
  • Kevin tells Nora he thinks he might be going crazy
  • Kevin finds NG magazine that Jill ordered, flips out on Jill
  • Wayne calls Tom, Tom throws the phone against the wall, goes home to see Christine has given birth to a baby girl

Episode 8 (Cairo)

  • Patti is bringing stuff to the church (laying out clothes), Kevin is cooking dinner (laying out a tablecloth and napkins)
  • Patty give a pile of money to Lor, asks ‘Ready’?
  • Nora has dinner with the Garvey’s, Jill asks Nora about her gun
  • Nice to see some romance as a doom buffer
  • Kevin wakes up in his car in the woods (at a cabin with Dean the dog shooter)
  • Uh, oh….Patti is tied to a chair in a cabin, much to Kevin’s absolute surprise!
  • Meg goes thermal on Matt for one of his posters
  • Kevin can’t remember anything, Dean explains Patti’s abduction to him
  • They’re in Cairo, New York
  • Patti will not forgive or forget
  • Lori disciplines Meg against violence (This is Meg’s turning point, I believe)
  • We learn Meg’s mom died Oct. 13th, the day before the departure
  • Meg apologizes to Matt, he accepts...this guy is a saint!
  • Jill and Amy fight, Jill accuses Amy of sleeping with Kevin (Nobody is ok) and that blows up their friendship
  • Great dynamics between Kevin and Patti, they talk about the GR, and Patti says they have no information about Dean’s identity, he prefers ‘Guardian Angel’. Dean: Go back to the truck, I need to talk to the other guy (Tyler Durden multiple personality)
  • Jill and the twins break into Nora’s house, and find Kevlar and gun
  • Really seems like Jill is just looking for someone to be straight and honest with her
  • Kevin leaves crackly message for Nora
  • Finds all his shirts on trees in the woods near cabin (implosion imminent)
  • Kevin goes back to cabin to find Dean put a plastic bag on her head, they fight, Kevin wins and releases her
  • Dean walks out, says ‘Shut the Fuck up, I tried’....was he talking to Patti or his own voices?
  • Lori and Meg me up with guys and a trailer to take possession of a bunch of dead bodies
  • The GR start moving bodies into the church
  • Nora goes home to find her gun has been moved
  • Jill goes home, Amy leaves (she seems essentially homeless)
  • Jill frees the dog and goes to stay with the GR
  • Kevin and Patti talk at the cabin
  • Patti about Gladys’ murder: ‘she was ok with it’....and when Lori’s time comes, she’ll be good with it too’
  • Still don’t completely understand this scene….
  • Kevin cuts Patti loose, and she cuts her own throat


Episode 9 (The Garvey’s at their best)


  • Kevin hides smokes under a mailbox, (Tommy put money under a mailbox, dog in a mailbox)
  • Flashback! Lori is talking and Jill is happy.
  • Nora and husband are awaken by her kids
  • Lori is a Psychiatrist and Patti is her patient
  • Kevin is a secret smoker  
  • Deer rampages through the school, terrifies the kids and does a lot of damage
  • Patti feels like something terrible is going to happen (like the world is going to end)
  • Patti says ‘Something’s wrong inside you’ (Lori is pregnant)
  • Nora wants to work for the Mayor's campaign
  • Kevin Sr. is Chief and not crazy
  • Tommy got arrested, problem with his biological father, Kevin kicks his ass
  • Gladys is a dog breeder
  • Jill prepping for the Science Fair
  • Big party for Kevin Sr.
  • Mary is talking and walking
  • Seems to be some estrangement between Nora and Husband
  • Everybody at the party is happy!
  • Kevin: Why isn’t it enough? Kevin Sr. ‘Every man rebels against the idea that this is it’, ‘You have no greater purpose because it is enough’
  • Kevin runs, smoke break, women in a car ask ‘Are you ready?’, and drive on.
  • Sewer cover blows up in front of him!
  • Deer gets caught in house of a family whose son has Downs and departed
  • Deer gets hit by car, Kevin puts it down
  • Kevin goes to motel with woman, and she departs while they’re having sex
  • We see the woman with the crying kid that we saw in the first episode
  • Lori sees Mary in the waiting room at the Doctor
  • Nora frustrated with kids and husband, they depart when she has her back turned
  • Jill and Tommy form a human circuit at the science fair.  Someone in the circuit departs, and the light goes out
  • Lori is pregnant, and the baby departs right out of her husband


Each of the Garvey’s had a personal departure experience


Departures seem to happen at time of emotional peak?


Episode 10 (The Prodigal Son Returns)


  • Patti is dead
  • Spanish version of ‘If you go away’
  • Jill tries smoking with mom
  • Christine says about Wayne ‘He’s never coming for us’.  She abandons the baby in a public washroom, Tommy finds the baby and Christine is gone
  • Church dude asks Tommy ‘Can I help you’?
  • Jill puts on the GR white, defies her mom to talk. ‘Nothing else Matters’ played
  • Montage of bodies and clothes gathered…
  • Next morning, all the departed have been replaced with doubles
  • Nora goes insane after seeing her family back at the table
  • Kevin called Matt to help with burying Patti’s body
  • Kevin gets hauled into a mental hospital, given a copy of NG Magazine and a note saying ‘Stop talking to yourself and they’ll let you watch TV’
  • He’s taken to a lounge where his Dad talks to him.  Patti shows up too,
  • Kevin Sr. said ‘3 years ago, we realized why we’re still here’
  • Wake the fuck up!
  • Kevin wakes up in the car with Matt, it was a dream.  They stop at a restaurant
  • Kevin tells Matt about the other woman, and wanting to leave his family
  • Kevin feels tremendous guilt for wanting to be away from his family, and then losing them one by one.
  • Goes to bathroom and finds badly injured Holy Wayne
  • Wayne asks Kevin to make a wish, in hopes that he wasn’t a fraud all along
  • Damn, Wayne is a phenomenal actor!
  • Police burst in, take Wayne’s body and question Kevin
  • Matt and Kevin go home to Mapleton, which is about to explode on the GR
  • Riots break out, the community torches the GR cul du sac
  • Meg ‘We made them remember’
  • Houses burning, GR being beaten, general chaos
  • Burning house, Lori comes out, screams ‘Jill!”
  • Kevin goes into house, rescues Jill
  • Nora holds hands with the replacement bodies at the table, writes note to Kevin. She’s planning to leave
  • Tommy finds Lori by the ocean
  • Kevin and Jill walk home, find the dog, and Nora at his door with Christine’s baby