Here is the playlist for the 01/25 episode of the Seventh House. Enjoy!

Seatbelts- Tank!

Karmakanic- Alex in Paradise

Dream Theater- As I Am
Stream of Passion- Deceiver
Carptree- In the Centre of an Empty Space

Living Colour- Type
Midnight Oil- Rising Seas

Pino Palladino and Blake Mills- Ekute'

Kate Bush- I'm Still Waiting
Dyanne Potter- Catherine
Schooltree- Rise

Yes- Yours is No Disgrace (the tradition continues....)

Might Could- Shadows Hold Their Breath
Sonus Umbra- How Many Rivers?
Magenta- A Gift From God

Starcaastle- Lady of the Lake

Conspiracy- I Could
Jadis- I Neve Notices
Jadis- Fanatic

Steve Hackett- Narnia
Jars of Clay- Flood
Steve Hackett- Rise Again

Karmakanic- Steer By the Stars