Here is the playlist for the 02/21 episode of the Seventh House. Enjoy!

Beck- Where It's At

Chicago Symphony Orchestra- The Firebird
Stanley Snail- Siberian Khatru

Lee Abraham- Colours
Electro Compulsive Therapy- Colors Fade Away
Simon Apple- The Colours in Between

Enchant- Colors Fade
Three Colours Dark- World on Fire
The Yellow Box- Colors of the Ocean

Herbie Hancock- Mojuba

Roland Orzabal- Low Life
Tears for Fears- Swords and Knives

Steven Wilson- Sign 'O' the Times
The Police- King of Pain
Midnight Oil- Last Frontier

Marillion- Be Hard on Yourself
                i- The Tear in the Big Picture
                ii- Lust for Luxury
                iii- You Can Learn

Sound of Contact- Remote View
Fernando Perdomo- The Dream
Dave Kerzner- My Old Friend

MFTJ- Peeping Raccoon

Magenta- Man and Machine: v- Lightspeed
Yes- Tempus Fugit (the tradition continues.....)

IZZ- Late Night Salvation