Here is the playlist for the 07/18 episode of the Seventh House. Enjoy!

Wendy and Lisa- Salt and Cherries (MC5)

Von Hertzen Brothers- Day of Reckoning

Fish- Numbers
Sammy Hagar- I Can't Drive 55
Bruce Springsteen- 57 Channels (and Nothing On)

Pure Reason Revolution- Silent Genesis

Jadis- Falling Away
Issun- Falling Away

The Alarm- Rain in the Summertime
Francis Dunnery- Feels Like Summertime
The Tea Party- Summertime

Yes- Silent Talking (the tradition continues....)
Cyan- Snowbound

Manuel Schmid and Marek Arnold- Raum der Illusion
Sylvan- Encoded at Heart
Cyril- Desert Crossing

Eurythmics- 17 Again
Pat Metheny Group- Eighteen
Steely Dan- Hey Nineteen

Oz Noy- Groovin' Grant

Queen- Seven Seas of Rhye
Chris Squire- Lucky Seven
Kate Bush- pi

Uriah Heep- The Magician's Birthday