Here is the playlist for the 08/07 episode of the Seventh House. Enjoy!

Manfred Mann and His Earth Band- Lies (All Through the 80's)
Fish- Circle Line

Peter Gabriel- Olive Tree
Peter Gabriel- So Much

Unitopia- Mania

Don Ellis Orchestra- Theme from the French Connection

Marillion- Murder Machines
David Gilmour- Murder
Annie Lennox- Thin Line Between Love and Hate
The Police- Murder by Numbers

Tears for Fears- Who Killed Tangerine?

Meer- Honey
Goldfrapp- Ulla
The Anchoress- Bizarre Love Triangle
Three Colours Dark- Dark Before Dawn

Mike Oldfield- Tubular Bells (excerpt)

Trevor Rabin- Big Mistakes
Michael Rutherford- Making a Big Mistake

Yes- Mirror to the Sky (the tradition continues.....)

Tears for Fears- Secret World
United Progressive Fraternity- Who We Really Are
Luna Rossa- Tiny Demons
Dace Cuerton- Secret Lullaby

The Blue Nile- The Downtown Lights