Here is the playlist for the 08/21 episode of the Seventh House. Enjoy!

Chicago- 90 Degrees and Freezing

The Godfathers- Birth, School, Work, Death

Supertramp- School
Manning- Old School
Gentle Giant- Schooldays

Elton John- Teacher, I Need You
Van Morrison- School of Hard Knocks
Paul Simon- The Teacher
Steely Dan- My Old School

Stanley Clarke- School Days

Golden Caves- Paradox
Briand, Boursin and Rohr- Paradox
asturias- Tamgram Paradox

Yes- And You and I  (the tradition continues...)

Pendragon- Learning Curve
United Progressive Fraternity- Learning
Jadis- Learning Curve

Premiata Forneria Marconi- The Lesson
Level 42- Lessons in Love (acoustic)
Porcupine Tree- Piano Lessons

Hedwig Mollestad and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra- All Flights Cancelled

Bent Knee- Lawnmower
Haken w/Courtney Swain- Canary Yellow

The Flower Kings- End on a High Note