Here is the playlist for the 06/12 episode of the Seventh House. Enjoy!

Freak Power- Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out

Schooltree- Overture
Gentle Giant- Words From the Wise

Pendragon- Freak Show
Marillion- Freaks

Devin Townsend Project- Addicted!
Riverside- #addicted
Riverside- Coda

The Lens- Sleep Until You Wake

Anathema- 32.63n 117.14w
Anathema- Leaving it Behind
Living Colour- Come On

Magenta- Trojan
Magenta- Look Around

Schnauser- Hypertension
Anakdota- One More Day
Larry Coryell's 11th House- Some Funky Stuff

Yes- Awaken (the tradition continues...)

Jadis- More Than Ever
Lonely Robot- Oubliette
Fish on Friday- Sweet Love

District 97- Can't Take You With Me
Schooltree- The Edge Annihilate

Shpongle- Nothing is Doing Something Worth Doing
Deep Forest- altus silva

Nad Sylvan- What Have You Done

Mystery- One Among the Living