Here is the (abbreviated) playlist for the 07/20 episode of the Seventh House. Enjoy!

Peter Gabriel- D.I.Y.
Jesus Jones- Right Here, Right Now

Kansas- Propulsion 1
Pendragon- Indigo

Devin Townsend Project- Addicted!
Karibow- Addicted
Riverside- #addicted

Yes- And You And I (the tradition continues.....)

Lonely Robot- Feelings Are Good
Lonely Robot- Into the Lo-Fi

Elbow- Gentle Storm
Godley and Creme- Cry

Spock's Beard- Have We All Gone Crazy Yet?

Jack O'the Clock- I'm Afraid of Fucking the Whole Thing Up
The Mandrake Project- And Five Make Twenty
Abigail's Ghost- Visceral
Oregon- Aurora

Downes- Braide Association- Suburban Ghosts
Memories of Machines- Schoolyard Ghosts

Hasse Froberg and Musical Companion- Sleeping With the Ghost
Premiata Forneria Marconi- Photos of Ghosts

Three Colours Dark- Enter, Soubrette
Lonely Robot- Armour for My Heart