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1. Sandy Edmonds, Come And See Me

  1. Tactics, Standing By The Window
  2. Bastard, Hipster Kryptonite
  3. Drunk Driver, Knife Day
  4. The Parasite, Moff's Joke
  5. This Is Not A Drill, Hysteria/Hypocrisy/Lies
  6. Flies On You, Slashing It Down
  7. My Bloody Valentine, Only Shallow
  8. Easpa Measa, Dead Inside
  9. Stump, Bone
  10. The La De Da's, How Is The Air Up There
  11. Mad Sin, She's Evil (Pin-Up Girls)
  12. Early Ledder, Isn't It Romantic
  13. Youth Avoiders, Cold Mines
  14. UK Gold, Off Duty Nuns
  15. Deep Purple, Black Night
  16. The Fall, Rebellious Jukebox
  17. Flash Beach, See The Future