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1. Shonen Knife, Neon Zebra

  1. Bib, Hypnotized
  2. A.B.H., Wanna Riot
  3. Arndales, Dark Store
  4. The Bags, Max Roach
  5. Lizzy Boredom, Hurricane Face
  6. Magnapop, Lay It Down
  7. Moff Skellington, Fetch
  8. Blitz, Never Surrender
  9. The Fabulous Fairies, Lil' Taxi Driver
  10. Babes In Toyland, House
  11. We The People, In The past
  12. Betty Davis, Don't Call Her No Tramp
  13. Rifia, Tu Vida Nunca Cambiara
  14. United Mutation, Lice And Flies
  15. Pellethead, It