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1.Dag Vag,Hellre En Raket
2.Staggs,Gone For A Burton
3.Black Uniforms,Teenage Wasted
4.Orchestra of Spheres,Rocket #9
5.Chatterbox,Forgotten Heroes
6.Christian Death,Romeo's Distress
7.Devo,Wiggly World
8.The Grits,Mmwauu
9.KGB,K Psycho F*ck(ed)
10.Amyl And The Sniffers,Pleasure Forever
11.Black Pitts,Spaceboy
12.The Eccentronic Research Council,Welcome To Valhalla
14.Los Bengala,La Caza
15.The Mannequin Factory,I Found God
16.Exterminators,The Beetle Bomb