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1. Gutters, Art Fatigue

  1. Ursut, Kampen Mot Tiden
  2. The Skids, Of One Skin
  3. The Go Go Cult, I Melted My Mind
  4. Scapegoat, Shitcan
  5. Asbo Derek, Bryan Ferry's Ballbag
  6. See You In Hell, Od Narozeni
  7. Roxy Music, Street Life
  8. Sleaford Mods, Face To Faces
  9. The Prolietariat, Voodoo Economics
  10. SGNLS, Someone Else Is Here
  11. Devil's Witches, Motorpsycho
  12. The Seize, Why?
  13. Space Museum/M.T.Scott, Andrew
  14. Sexe A Pile, Pas Vraiment Mechant
  15. Archie & The Bunkers, You're My Pacemaker
  16. S.A.H.B., Vambo Marble Eye