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1. Pizzatramp, Pollyticks

  1. Anarchistwood, Typical Henry
  2. Paranoid Visions, Across The Holocausts
  3. Swimsuit Area, Paperclip
  4. Gay Kiss, Vitriol
  5. The Tape-Beatles, America Is Confident
  6. The Mergers, Last Call
  7. Pere Ubu, Toe To Toe
  8. Young Conservatives, Non-Exist
  9. Leona Anderson, Rats In My Room
  10. The Heptanes, Phantom Cadillac
  11. Tyrannosaurus Rex, King Of The Rumbling Spires
  12. Concrete Worms, Led Like Cattle
  13. Ten Benson, I Don't Buy It
  14. Pudding On Mars, As Long As I Still Have You
  15. Death Pedals, Bad Class
  16. Queer'd Science, Blood Sabbatical