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1. Criminal X, English Shootboy

  1. The Buttertones, Sadie's A Sadist
  2. Lush Rimbaud, Space Ship
  3. Dr Know, Mr Freeze
  4. Bikini Machine, Monkey Bum Bum Boogie
  5. The Yardbirds, Mr You're A Better Man Than I
  6. Paranoid Visions, Ego Maniac
  7. Norm Burns, Human Breakdown Of Absurdity
  8. Powersolo, She Fights Your Boredom With Her Soul
  9. Anne Cessna & Essendon Airport, Lost In Madagascar
  10. Alien She, Grey Town
  11. Suicide Generation, Love Is Hate
  12. Imperial Leather, Am I Not
  13. Gene Marshall, Jimmy Carter Says 'Yes'
  14. Monozid, A Room For The Damned
  15. Garbage, Vow
  16. Chinese Cookie Poets, Bone Catcher