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1. MoE, Doll's Eyes

  1. Visitor, Disseminate
  2. The Bus Station Loonies, Threshers (Fund The Police)
  3. Prop Sack, Aujourd'hui
  4. Tribe 8, Wrong Bathroom
  5. Modulo 1000, The Cancer Stick
  6. Subhumans, Rats
  7. Sharaton, Caught In The Act
  8. Clockwork Era, White Sound
  9. The Willy Wonkas, Loser Boy
  10. Poison Girls, Offending Article
  11. West Coast Sick Line, Attack Attack
  12. Bob Carpenter, Kenny Wagner
  13. I Am A Car Crash, Wahoo
  14. Broken Bones, Death Is Imminent
  15. The Alley Cats, Nothing Means Nothing Anymore