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1. Nimbwits, Magenta Rain

  1. G.L.O.S.S., We're From The Future
  2. The Cramps, Tear It Up
  3. Tongue Party, Go Trustfund Me
  4. Staples In Carpet, Don't Stay
  5. Vonneumann, antiReprise
  6. Goatorcycle, The Coming Of The Lord
  7. Laibach, Eat Liver!
  8. Billy Harner, Homicide Dresser
  9. Dryer Fire, Going Nowhere
  10. Boredoms, Pow Wow Now
  11. Revenge Club, Did You Die
  12. The Named, Breakout (Glitch Mode Re-master)
  13. Alan Hawkshaw, Powerboat
  14. Odonis Odonis, Check My Profile
  15. Amyl And The Sniffers, Pleasure Forever
  16. Christian Lunch, Joke's On You
  17. ISO, What R U So Afraid Of?