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1. The Jam, London Traffic

  1. Curelight Wounds, Hard Sand
  2. Key Boys, My Love Is Distant
  3. Half Life, Try To Stop Me
  4. The Cramps, Drug Train
  5. Dystopia, Control Alt Delete
  6. Tran Hai Quang, Le Saut Des Crapauds
  7. Klimax, Moscow
  8. B-Movie, Remembrance Days
  9. Undead, Sanctuary
  10. Oxes, Say Something To Bees About The Lion In The Alley
  11. Liquid Sound Company, Swallow
  12. Beast Of Beast, Icy Eyes
  13. Balkan'oliks, Sabaka Casa
  14. Virgin Prunes, Pagan Love Song
  15. Apocalyptica, From Out Of Nowhere
  16. Prison, Suffer
  17. Echo And The Bunnymen, The Pictures On My Wall
  18. Bunny Lee All Stars, Annie Pama