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1.Buzz Rodeo, Jordan Walk
2.Peach Kelli Pop, Bat Wing
3.Triangle Fire, Glass Statues
4.Velcro Lewis Group, Castles Will Fall
5.Noseholes, Bed Smoker
6.Nervous Norvus, Sparks
7.Liz Is Evil, Unplug It
8.Loop, Fix To Fall
9.Valentine Villains, The Devil's Road
10.My Device, Get On Like A House On Fire
11.Electric Electric, Xx1
12.Half Man Half Biscuit, Quality Janitor
13.Power Is Poison, Resist Rebel Revolt
14.Naked Lights, Hyde
15.Those Poor Bastards, This World Is Evil
16.Paul Jacobs, I Got It
17.Tommy McCook & The Supersonics, Windfall