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1.Nachthexen, Disco Creep
2.Sarandon, Very Flexible
3.Rotten Blossom, Let's Hang Out
4.Oneida, The Wooded World
5.Stray Cats, Runaway Boys
6.Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair, Meet Me By The Fountain
7.Jaw-D, Let 'em Dance
8.Glass, New Colours
9.Triangle Fire, Red Collar Laborer
10.Blurt, Man To Fly
11.The Cravats, Big Red Car
12.Pisse, Vernissage
13.Roy Head, You're Almost Tuff
14.Girls At Our Best, Getting Nowhere Fast
15.Deuter, Der Turm/Fluchtpunkt
16.X-Ray Spex, Identity
17.Bentley Rhythm Ace, Mind That Gap