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1.Celibate Rifles,Kent's Theme
2.Sleaford Mods,Rupert Trousers
3.Nosebleed,What You Have Done
4.The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown,Fire! (Demo)
5.Casual Nausea,Benefits Benefit No One
6.Galen Herod,Lowdown
7.Chewed Up,Advice
8.Pile,The World Is Your Motel
9.Acanthus,Le Frisson Des Vampires
10.Gay Anniversary,Fat Punks
11.The Casual Sexists,Strange Motives
12.The Human Beast,Brush With The Midnight Butterfly
13.The Scissors,Electric Line
14.Dog In The Snow,Child
15.Sexton Ming & The London Dirthole Company,I Feel Pretty Good
16.The Jets,Yeah
17.Plastic Idols,Sophistication