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1.Weird Omen,A Place I Want To Know
2.Boilermaker,All The People
3.Snapped Ankles,Drink And Glide
4.Turning Black Like Lizards,Spiral Eyes
5.Teen Cool,That's Why
6.Bongwater,Teena Stays The Same
7.Hey Colossus,Hey, Dead Eyes, Up!
8.Disciples Of Tone,Utopian Dreams
9.The Move,Turkish Tram Conductor Blues
10.The Electric Grandmother,Mr Clyde
11.Borderline Society,Finally 1984
12.Eartha Kitt,I'd Rather Be Burned As A Witch
13.Woolcraft,New Electro-Smog
15.Yass,Night Wire
16.Delroy Wilson,I Want Justice