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1.Fuzzbox,What's The Point
2.Condutores De Cadaver,Bem Vindos ao Novo Mundo
3.The Scientists,Nitro
4.The Exits,Apathy
5.The Screaming Love Collective,Future Trapped
6.Creech Holler,Pretty Polly
7.Swans Way,Soul Train
8.The Rip Offs,Cops
9.Umbrella Assassins,Sweat It Out
10.Frank & Jo Byers,Selected Sounds of Tiki Gardens
11.Rasp Thorne & The Briars,The Lecher's Waltz
12.Cause For Alarm,Lies
13.A 3 Dans Les WC,Contagion
14.The Swallows,Santen Nyamona
15.Menstrual Cramps,The Smash
16.Billy Joe Winghead,Glitterdome